CIAI Center

Welcome to the CIAI Group! MBZUAI’s CIAI (Center for Integrative Artificial Intelligence) has been created to further develop an AI operating system (OS) based on the foundation of the CASL project. The center is led by MBZUAI President Eric Xing and center director Kun Zhang and has brought together a team of highly experienced and senior systems and machine learning engineers, and researchers, who are passionate in building systems.The aim of the center is to develop the next generation OS that can support easy composition, experimentation, and deployment of even the most advanced ML-pipelines such as building GPT3-like language models for new tasks, or full-stack AI systems for clinical management.


An integrative AI system is not a monolithic blackbox, but a modular, standardizable, and certifiable assembly of building blocks at all levels: data, model, algorithm, computing, and infrastructure, etc. At CIAI, we seek to develop principled approaches including representations, optimization formalisms, intra- and inter-level mapping strategies, theoretical analysis, and production platforms for optimal and potentially autonomous creation and configuration of AI solutions at ALL LEVELS – data harmonization, model composition, learning to learn, scalable computing, and infrastructure orchestration.

We believe ML at All Level is a necessity, not just a preference, toward industrializing AI that can be considered transparent, trustworthy, and cost effective.


Oct 6, 2022 We are excited to have a colloquium with Dr. Xi Chen on the topics of digital privacy in personalized pricing and the research in Web3.
Sep 18, 2022 14 papers on machine learning, causality, AI system, and graph accepted at NeurIPS
Sep 15, 2022 We are excited to have a colloquium with Dr. Chaoyang He on the topic of federated learning.
Jul 22, 2022 We’ve just launched a free GPT-3-like inference service using Alpa and the OPT-175 model!
Jul 14, 2022 We are excited to have a colloquium with Hongyi Wang on the topic of distributed training systems.
Jun 16, 2022 We are excited to have a colloquium with Danilo J. Rezende on the topic of invariant generative models.
May 17, 2022 The website of our CIAI group is available.